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Here at Fleury Powersports, we enjoy the ride.​

No matter what the vehicle - from your lawn mower, to your sedan, to your sports car, to the bike - we're there along the way to fuel the ride.

Fleury Powersports is a full-service AMSOil product dealer in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide the full line of AMSOil products for all applications, including Racing, Automotive, Motorcycles, Weekend Play Toys, and Work Equipment for the backyard or the jobsite.

We carry the very best products for your vehicles, your toys, and pretty much anything else that needs an engine!

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We're out three nights a week to showcase and sell AMSOil products - and take in the incredible rides at the shows! Come out and see what we have, or just say hello!

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If you want to have your business taken care of with a more personal touch, that's what we're here for. Please contact Fleury Powersports by phone or email with the contact information below.

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