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Welcome to Fleury Powersports!

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If you need hands-on service for either Commercial Business or Racing, click the image above and let me know what you need!

Who We Are

Here at Fleury Powersports, we enjoy the ride.​

No matter what the vehicle - from your lawn mower, to your sedan, to your sports car, to the bike - we're there along the way to fuel the ride.

Fleury Powersports is a full-service Hipertech and AMSOil product dealer in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide the full line of Hipertech and AMSOil products for all applications, including racing, automotive, motorcycles, weekend play toys, and work equipment for the backyard or the jobsite.

We carry the very best products for your vehicles, your toys, and pretty much anything else that needs an engine!

Come Meet Us

We're out three nights a week to showcase and sell products - and take in the incredible rides at the shows! Come out and see what we have, or just say hello!

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Why Choose Fleury Powersports?

1. Personal Service

Get personalized service by dealing direct with me on the phone. If you require a specialized product, need advise on the best product for you, or simply want a personalized touch to your business, Fleury Powersports is for you.

2. Industry Experience

As a previous industry professional and current motorcycle enthusiast and club member, performance and safety on the road are important to me - both at work and in my free time. A lifetime of real experience is what drives me!

3. Reliable Performance

I believe that all drivers deserve the best their vehicle has to offer. That's why I stock the very best, to make sure you're always running on the product that can give you reliable, top-notch performance when you need it most.

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Commercial Business

If you need larger volumes, regular orders, or just want to ensure your customers get the attention and care that you provide your customers, we're here to help. Here at Fleury Powersports, we appreciate how difficult it is to run a business and will do everything we can! Register today and get the treatment you deserve.

Racing Products

When it comes to competitive driving of any kind, you need the very best your vehicle can give you. In order to get the best, you need to maintain with the best! Here at Fleury Powersports, we connect you with high-quality, reliable products that will allow your vehicle to keep up with you!